About Us


MOAA is the nation’s largest and most influential association of military officers.  It is an independent, nonprofit, politically nonpartisan organization.  With about 370,000 members from every branch of service – including active duty, retired, National Guard, Reserve, and former officers and their families – we are a powerful force speaking for a strong national defense and representing the interests of military officers at every stage of their careers.  MOAA’s highest priority is providing first-class service to our members.  We are the leading voice on compensation and benefit matters for members of the military community.  We provide expert advice and guidance to our members. 


This chapter closed on Jan 1, 2023. At other locations membership is open to active duty, retired, National Guard, and reserve officers, former commissioned officers and warrant officers of the following uniformed services:  Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Auxiliary memberships also are available for surviving spouses of deceased officers.  Six out of ten officers belong to MOAA as well as 30,000 active duty officers. 


The Golden Isles Chapter of MOAA was in existence for about 40 years. Our membership lived in the Golden Isles area of Brunswick, St Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Sea Island and surroundings counties.

 The Chapter’s community project provided three annual college scholarships of $2,000.00 each to students of Glynn County High Schools.  All students in good standing were eligible to apply for these scholarships through their school Guidance Counselors.


Past Presidents of GIMOAA

Commander S.P. Vail, USN 1964 Captain S.R. Overall, USN 1988
Captain R.H. Ogletree, USN 1965 Colonel F.A. Hart, Jr, USMC 1989-1990
LTC J.H. Sears, USA 1966 Colonel B.C. Holland, USA 1991
Lt. Col D.L. Moore, USAF 1967 Lt. Col R.L. Carlisle, USAF 1992-1993
Captain W.C. Thompson, USN 1968 Captain R. Johnston, USAR 1994
Major R.E. Waters, USA 1969 Major H.I. Glenn, WAC 1995
Captain W.B. Warnell. USN 1970 Colonel N.E. Grynkewich, Jr, USAFR 1996-1997
LTC S.C. Subers, USAR 1971 Colonel U.H. Keller, USA 1998-1999
Captain J.H Carmichael, USN 1972 Brig. General C.H. Winne, USAF 2000
Colonel R.W. Page, USA 1973 Lieutenant J.K. Cooper, USN 2001
Lt. Col. J.K. McEvoy, USMC 1974 Major Bill Houseman USAF 2002
Colonel L. Sobke, USA 1975 COL George Stapleton USA 2003
Commander A.L. Ufer, USN 1976 Capt Charles Philips USAF 2004
Colonel D. S. Daley, USA 1977 Col Daryl Rabert USMC 2005
Lt. Col d.M. Fenn, USAF 1978 Captain Steve Tucker USN 2006
Colonel .L. Crouch, USA 1979 LTC James Vivenzio, USA 2007
Captain A.E. Wooldridge, USN 1980 CDE Millard Allen, USN 2008-2009
Colonel R.H.May, USAF 1981 LTC James Vivenzio, USA 2010
Lt. Col. J.K. McEvoy, USMC 1982 LT William Dalton, USN 2011
Captain J.H. Carmichael, USN 1983 Capt  Gerry Schueneman 2012-2013
Colonel R.W. Page USA 1984 LTC Steve Bullock, USA 2014-2015
Captain S.R. Overall, USN 1985 LTCol Sam Brinkley 2016- 2017
Lt. Commander D.R. Sullivan, USN 1986 LT. Col Michael Suthard 2018-2019
Colonel R.W. Page, USA 1987 LTC Richard D. James 2020-2022