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2015 Scholarship Album
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Scholarship Awards at GIMOAA Meeting on May 3, 2015

Elijah James Henderson,
from left, Aubretta Moore, Amanda Vespucci, Justin Gates

Amanda Vespucci

Aubretta Moore

Elijah J. Henderson

Linda Bullock, from left, Petula Anthony-Moore, Aubretta Moore, Aubrey Moore, Steve Bullock

Jan Campbell, John Campbell, Justin Gates, Keith Gates,
Kim Chu Gates



Bob Brittin, from left, Lorene Reid, Sierra Vespucci,
Amanda Vespucci, Jeanette Vespucci, Daryl Rabert

Bonnie Rabert, from left, Brianna Dozier, Daryl Rabert

Millard Allen, from left, Linda Bullock, Steve Bullock

Doug Alexander, from left, Vernon Martin







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